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Why Metapharm?

  1. Balance and Normalization

  2. Orthomolecular Medicine

  3. Detoxifying and Alkaline Components

  4. UK & German Products

  5. Targets the Activity of Cells

  6. Legal Authorization

  7. Mandatory Two-Year Clinical Research Phase

  8. Double Quality Tests of Raw Materials

  9. Clinical Microscopy

  10. Permanent Effect


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About Us

The company meta-pharm® imports and distributes a complete range of products, consisting of orthomolecular food supplements and natural therapeutical products for the balance and regulation of the human organism, through a holistic approach towards the problems that appear in the human body.

The following German companies SYNOMED, SYNOSAN, BioPrap, D-vital, RÖMERVIT, Revimed, VITOSYN, MEROSYN, dp and PHÖNIX deal with the production of orthomolecular food supplements and natural therapeutical products. These companies produce their medicaments with high quality raw materials as they collaborate very closely with the most qualitative resources of raw materials and therapeutic plants worldwide.

They are produced in Germany in modern facilities under the control and the supervision of highly specialized personnel. The documentation of their efficacy is based not only on medical tradition and long-lasting experience, but also on clinical studies, academic research and scientific outcomes. These products aim to restore the disturbed balance of the human body, not just by treating the symptoms but also the underlying cause, through a holistic approach to the systems and the functions of the human organism.

They are imported to Greece from Germany and they are marketed with an expiration date, and instructions towards patients for proper usage.


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